Meet the Choir!

Here’s what our members have to say about being part of Belsize Community Choir:

Our music director’s charisma and creativity are infectious, taking our group of singing enthusiasts through a surprising multi-faceted music journey, elevating my spirit and brightening my mood. Set in the beautiful St. Peter’s, the gothic space adds such beauty, altogether making it a truly memorable experience.

Terri (Soprano)

I was looking for a new choir to join, something local, something to relieve the stress of my studies, with friendly members and good music. I tried out at a few choirs but it was only the Belsize Community Choir that ticked all the boxes. Everyone has been so friendly and I can honestly say I’ve never felt such a sense of community from any other choir I’ve been in.’

Ryan (bass)

‘I joined the Belsize Community Choir at the first ever rehearsal in 2010. I enjoy being part of the choir as I always feel great after singing (it’s a great stress reliever) and I’ve made some lovely friends. Wine at break and the pub after are optional extras!’

 – Neera (alto)

The atmosphere is fun besides being serious in what we are trying to achieve. We love performing! Hannah, our music director, is extremely dedicated and makes sure that we are stimulated in the music we sing and the results we achieve. I really love to sing and I love being part of the Belsize Community Choir.’

 – Angela (soprano)

A friend of mine referred me to the Belsize Community Choir saying they were a friendly bunch and it would be a real fun way enjoying singing. And he was right! From day one I have loved our weekly rehearsals. The balance between fun and focus is just perfect to me. We always have a laugh but equally we all want to deliver and put together a good performance.’

Fleur (alto)

I always enjoyed singing, but only in the house, mainly in the shower. I’d always fancied joining a choir so one day thought why not try it? I really enjoy the feeling in the choir of singing along with the basses, matching our voices and contrasting them with the other parts of the choir and the blend of sounds. I find the Belsize Community Choir relaxing and invigorating at the same time.’

David (bass)

‘We sing in many languages and styles, learning singing skills from our young and talented music director, who makes singing easier and such fun even for beginners! With a wine break during rehearsal, concerts at nice venues, end of term parties and so on; we can say this is a fantastic, sociable choir to join!

Mitsue (soprano)

I love Belsize Community Choir for its big sound and musical excellence. This choir is filled with lively, interesting people, too.’

Heather (alto)

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