Ready to sing in the Spring

Our new term begins this week! Join us for our first rehearsal on Thursday, 5 May at 7 p.m. Newcomers are welcome to come along to see if Belsize Community Choir is your new choir. And for returning members, the pieces we’ll be working on together are available in the Members’ Area.

St. Peter’s Church, Belsize Square NW3 4HJ – our community choir’s home.

About Belsize Community Choir

Interested in singing? Passionate about choral music performed well? Want to make some new friends in the community? We are an inclusive, fun, engaging community that values the playful and relaxed pursuit of choral excellence. We rehearse for about an hour, stop for a glass of wine (or two) and then rehearse for another 45 minutes or so. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings 7-9pm at St. Peter's Church, Belsize Square NW3 4HJ

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